My new baby ‘Splodge’


My New Baby ‘Splodge’

On a couple of attempts in the past I embarked on creating my first Sourdough, but without much success. I do not like to be beaten, and bread is one of my favourite pastimes, eating it & baking it, so this time I read & read some more about the natural wonder of creating a living ‘Thing’ from just flour & water and creating something comforting to share.

Having located some Organic whole wheat flour not that easy up in the Montes of southern Spain, I was ready to start, literally with my sourdough starter. Following one of my favourite sites River Cottage instructions, my flour & water was mixed and ‘Splodge’ was born, I marvel at the idea that a sourdough starter can live happily for years and years, just as long as it’s fed and watered….I joked with the children, I would leave splodge to them in my will, so they could create for the families in years to come, needless to say they looked at me as if finally yes, Mum has gone mad…..But as they tasted that first bite, warm from the oven, they began to ask questions, they then began to say ‘Mum, ‘Splodge is bubbling nicely’, ‘Mum shall I move Splodge to somewhere warm’ 😉 Now that’s more like it.

My first loaf, like many first attempts was not the perfect specimen, although tasted good, so practice will make perfect, I now, know I have to slit the top to let the bread rise, and turn the oven down after 10 minutes, to allow the inside to cook, before the crust is too firm, should’ve taken note of the instructions, but Supper time baking, gets a tad hectic..Loaf number 2 is on it’s second proving , before being baked tonight for a Supper of Bread, cheese & Wine…Simplicity at it’s finest.

First Attempts

Splodge is now doing nicely , I enjoy my little chats with it, even though one sided, but I’m sure they make all the difference to a happy loaf with a heart 😉

More great information and tips on Sourdough can be found here .






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