Time to Tent !


Heading South west was the plan, to the vibrant, hip resort of Tarifa, for our first Family camping trip of the season. Planning of course as ever to pack light, our huge van was filled to the gunnels. Weather forecast wasn’t great, storms, rain, and winds at 50kmph..but hey ho, once I’ve sowed a seed in my children s minds there is no going back…don’t know where they get that from 😉

A long wet journey, wasn’t a positive sign, but as we headed over the hills down into the resort, the skies cleared, and the sun shone all around.

Pitch sought, discreetly tucked below large rocks, forming a natural windbreak – The joyful task of tent erecting was upon us…now I don’t know what happens in our family when tents are involved but all of a sudden we have 5 chiefs and no little Indians !! After a few expletives, tantrums, and toys thrown out of prams. We were up and ready…now time for refreshment.

A few days break, is sometimes all you need to recharge your batteries, early nights and lazy mornings, good food, and lots of fresh air. Kite flying, sand angel making, rockpooling, reading, leisurely morning coffees and cakes…and of course shoe shopping, well you can never have too many shoes.

So coolaphonic Tarfia until next time keep hangin ‘ “Mum did you have to put that” !!!!

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  1. I could almost get to like that, camping, I haven’t done that for years. Still time for a little go at it sometime, maybe soon!!!

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